Imagine a world where every child gets a fair start in life, where education is for the many, not the few. Where there are no barriers to learning, where teachers are valued and supported and given the tools to help individuals learn. Where parents have a clear and transparent view of their child’s development and know how best to support them in the formative years.

At Kettle of Fish we are developing the world’s first platform for pre-school children using Machine Learning. Our team are well established entrepreneurs and developers with decades of experience creating award winning content for children.

We are developing AI Buddy which runs in the cloud and can be plugged in to any new or existing game. As each child plays and learns, so does AI Buddy. This means content can be delivered accordingly for each child and provides the means to tailor education on an individual level.

For parents, we have designed and developed the Learning Buddy that shows a real-time dashboard of their child’s development, abilities and skills. As those children become adults, all that gathered data will provide valuable insights into education globally. It will also allow us to see the benefits of using gaming as a learning tool.

So, 20 years from now, by the single act of play, children around the world will have created the purest AI to ever exist. One that has learnt from human leaning, not from a programme made to simulate human thinking.

Kettle of Fish co-founder jason wagner profile image

Jason Wagner – Managing Director

At the heart of Kettle of Fish is managing director and co-founder, Jason Wagner. With excellent communication and management skills Jason believes collaboration is key to creating fun, engaging and educational games for pre-schoolers.

Kettle of Fish co-founder Selina Wagner profile image

Selina Wagner – Creative Director

Selina is an award-winning writer and director specialising in design, illustration, storytelling and animation. She creates beautiful designs, illustrations and animations across a variety of medium and is passionate about storytelling.

Kettle of Fish co-founder neil jack profile image

Neil Jack – Writer

Neil is a multi-award winning writer, producer and director of animation for the small and big screen. With a focus on developing strong stories and engaging characters, Neil is one of the leading talents within the industry.