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At Kettle of Fish, we create interactive story apps for pre-school children. We use innovative technology alongside creativity to build exciting new educational media for children and their families.

We believe in treating our customers and audiences with respect, fairness and equality and to be viewed as a trustworthy, honest brand, globally. We strive to always create products of a high standard and this will never be compromised.

We listen to our customers, value their opinions and needs and will adapt and learn from them as our company grows. Our organisation is built on collaboration, which means we work together in a respectful, friendly, enjoyable and healthy manner, where everyone has a voice.

Kettle of Fish co-founder jason wagner profile image

Jason Wagner – Managing Director

At the heart of Kettle of Fish is managing director and co-founder, Jason Wagner. With excellent communication and management skills Jason believes collaboration is key to creating fun, engaging and educational games for pre-schoolers.

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Selina Wagner – Creative Director

Selina is an award-winning writer and director specialising in design, illustration, storytelling and animation. She creates beautiful designs, illustrations and animations across a variety of medium and is passionate about storytelling.

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Neil Jack – Writer

Neil is a multi-award winning writer, producer and director of animation for the small and big screen. With a unique ability to take the seed of an idea and develop it into an 80-page feature ready script, Neil is one of the leading talents within the industry.

Are you a parent or carer? Then we need your help.

We now want to understand you, your child and find out what parents and carers want for their children. Together, with your help, we can create some ground-breaking, innovative products that will benefit children all around the world.

All fields are voluntary and confidential. We will only use this information to tailor our app offering and never sell this or share the information with third parties.